BSPR Meeting at Imperial College

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The one day proteomics meeting was well attended (so well that they ran out of sandwiches!)  Interesting talks included Dr. Israel Gloger from GSK, Director of Discovery Technology.  He presented a large scale proteomics study that had been performed at GSK for Alzheimer’s disease biomarker discovery.  I’m assuming his data was from before 2006, when proteomics was down-sized by several big pharma organisations.  His talk demonstrated how much work is involved when you must quantitate several proteins of interest using ELISAs; if only MRM (and MRMaid) had been around to help him and his group, they would have been able to quantitatively screen hundreds of samples for several proteins in a few days, instead of months.Prof. Rob Beynon also spoke about using N-terminal peptides and the QconCAT method he pioneered.  To me, QconCAT is MRM without a Sigma catalogue!  I know it’s not that simple really, and each method has its own niche – but we should (as bix people) be able to leverage existing MRM transition prediction software to design QconCAT expression constructs.  Watch this space me thinks…

Prof. Walter Kolch also presented his lab’s approach for single cell proteomics.  They use a miniaturised Japanese ‘Pachinko’ gaming system to catch single cells as they flow across tiny pockets.  Neat!

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