Careers day at DKFZ Heidelberg

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What do I do, and how did I get here?

This is the subject of the talk I am giving today at the careers day at DKFZ (German Cancer Research Institute) in Heidelberg, Germany.  The slides will be available on Slideshare from the organisers soon.

What does a user experience (UX) analyst do?

My way to UX…

My route, from bioinformatics doctorate to User Experience Analyst, wasn’t perhaps typical – but I think no one’s journey ever is.  Other than maybe via HCI (human-computer interaction) or design education, I’m not certain that there is a typical way to get into UX.  Employers seem to look for how well connected you are, the experience you have, and also any transferable skills.  For bioinformatics, an understanding of the science also helps – making it easier, for example, to create plausible usability testing scenarios and tasks, and workshops that work for scientific/computational audiences.


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