Something green to keep new office air clean

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The Web Development Team where I work recently moved to a brand new office building: the EMBL-EBI South Building/ ELIXIR Technical Hub.

It is a beautiful building, and will be a great place to work, but it smells a bit “new”.  I guess like new car smell, it’s inevitable when there is new stuff everywhere – glued, filled and fresh out of the plastic packaging.

Following our retreat, we thought it would nice to improve the working environment for the team with some ‘air-cleaning’ plants for the office.  So I Googled office plants, and found some that fitted the bill.  We now have:


Parlour palms (at least that’s which palm I think they are)


Boston Fern
Boston Ferns


Schefflera (which isn’t really an air-cleaning plant, but it looks nice)

I wanted to post some ‘before’ photos – as I am really hoping they survive!  Watch this space.  Tweet me @JenniferCham, if you have any tips!


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