For the first time UX was on the agenda at a precision medicine conference User experience design is about understanding people. It involves techniques to gain empathy and to use this insight to design products that directly meet the goals of users. As UX designer myself, I am of the strong opinion that a talk about UX should be on every conference agenda. But it’s absolutely essential to be included when the core subject of the event is complex software and big data. Hence, I…Continue Reading “UX for Precision Medicine”

In case you missed it, here is the recording of the latest User Experience for Life Sciences (aka “UXLS”) webinar, which took place on 5th December 2017.  It was organised by the Pistoia Alliance and featured these high profile speakers: Ewan Birney – Director of the EMBL-EBI Joel Miller – User Experience Lead at Amgen Mikko-Pekka Hanski – Vice President at Idean In this hour-long webinar, you will learn what User Experience is, what value it brings, especially for life sciences and how you can…Continue Reading “Webinar: Build better software for life sciences using UX”

Sketchnote of the panel discussion

A ‘Smart Salon’ design event On 11th July, I attended a ‘Smart Salon’ event in Shoreditch hosted by Smart Design, which discussed the question: are we there yet when it comes to personalising user experiences for people on the move? The venue was the hip Hotel Ace Characteristic of Smart Designs events (see another about design-capability I blogged about previously), the venue was chic: a design Hotel Ace on the 7th-floor, in a room with beautiful panoramic views of the July skyline of the City of London.  …Continue Reading “Designing personalised products and services for people on the move”

A news report written by Oana Stroe Originally posted at the EMBL-EBI website on 9 Mar 2017 User Experience (UX) designers and researchers at EMBL-EBI debunked common UX myths and shared tips for best practice in a Wellcome Genome Campus seminar on 3 March 2017. The event encouraged members of our life-science community to apply UX design in their projects, and to seek support and guidance on a new local forum. “UX design is already well-established in the consumer sector, but still holds significant untapped potential…Continue Reading “Guest post: UX design for the life sciences – myths and realities”

It has taken a while to write this post about the formidable Dan North and his workshop “Software faster: from months to minutes”, which we hosted at EMBL-EBI in September 2016. Portrait of a software ethnographer Dan North: keen observer of software developer behaviour Dan North has been carefully observing productive software development teams that have quite exceptional – and rather surprising – habits. Based on his observations, he has created a set of unique patterns that allow others to mimic these innovative practices and optimise…Continue Reading “Dan North’s Mission to Help Teams Develop Great Software Faster: workshop report & sketchnotes”

Empowering scientists to work better, faster, and easier by applying UCD principles and UX process by Pat Keller, Novartis

Although I am biased (being one of the organisers) I am very happy to report that the joint ‘EMBL-EBI Industry Programme’/’Pistoia Alliance’ pre-competitive workshop on “Success in life science R&D through user experience design” was a triumph. The meeting took place this week at EMBL-EBI on the Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge UK and was attended by 35 delegates representing diverse pharmaceutical, agri-food, scientific software, and design companies.  The meeting was chaired by our excellent moderator, Nick Skinner of Poppyfish, with the support of a…Continue Reading “Sketchnotes from the Workshop: “Success in life science R&D through UX design””

If you have to prove the value of design, you’re not in a design-capable company! Some tips on getting good design done in your organisation. How to be a design-capable organisation In June, I attended (and sketchnoted) a “smart salon” panel discussion at the Museum of London, which addressed the status of design in organisations. It was about how to make organisations ‘design capable’, not necessarily design-driven or design-led. This free event was hosted by the Smart Design agency and was attended by people from…Continue Reading “Is your company ‘design-capable’?”

From Post-its to trellits: Making real project work virtual Post-it notes are great for so many things – but they are not easy to work with remotely.  In our bi-monthly EMBL-EBI Project Management Network meeting, we looked at some of the best free tools for sharing information digitally amongst team members and collaborators. Each tool may have a different purpose, but the theme is the same: making real, practical project-planning tasks virtual.   1. BoardThing Capturing, organising and sharing exploratory information Qualitative findings are messy,…Continue Reading “Three awesome digital project management tools”