I’d like to announce that I will be a guest speaker at the Wellcome Trust/EBI Proteomic Bioinformatics workshop in December, 2010.  The workshop is taking place at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK.  It is part of a hands-on workshop that includes training in the use of public databases for peptide analysis, annotation of subsequent protein lists using these resources, incorporation of information from molecular interaction and pathway databases, and the use of protein 3D-structure data in proteomics experiments. My lecture will be…Continue Reading “Proteomic Bioinformatics Guest Lecture @ Wellcome Trust”

The American Chemical Society (ACS)  Journal of Proteome Research has just accepted our paper on MRMaid database, a Biomart-based database of experimentally validated transitions for multiple reaction monitoring (MRM): Cham, Jennifer; Bianco, Luca; Barton, Chris; Bessant, Conrad. MRMaid-DB: a public repository for published SRM transitions To check out MRMaid-DB for yourself, go to the site and have a go at submitting your own published transitions.

I will be delivering a workshop on proteomic bioinformatics tools and resources at the University of Melbourne, Australia in February 2010.  The session will be shared with the Institute of System Biology’s (ISB) Eric Deutsch.  For more details go here. I hope to see you there!

We’ve done it again, the editor of Proteomics (Prof. Mike Dunn) has just accepted our recent review article on computational tools for designing transitions for MRM studies: Cham (Mead), J.A., Bianco, L. and Bessant, C.   Free computational resources for designing selected reaction monitoring (SRM) transitions. The year and volume are still to be confirmed.  Thank you and enjoy!

I realise it’s old news, seeing as the article has been available on the web since February, but I thought I should officially mention that our latest reserach is now in the Journal of Proteome Research, so please check it out. You can find the article here: Comparison of Novel Decoy Database Designs for Optimizing Protein Identification Searches Using ABRF sPRG2006 Standard MS/MS Data Sets

Registration for the 15th Annual Proteomics Symposium of the Australasian Proteomics Society is now open, click here for more info.  This conference is held at Mantra Erskine Beach Resort, Lorne, Victoria between 4th – 7th February, 2010, and  I will be giving a pre-conference workshop session and lecture on proteomic bioinformatics, for MRM transition design and other web-based services for proteomics.  I hope to see you all there!  I am really looking forward to experiencing the proteome bioinformatics scene in this part of the world.