I’m pleased to announce that Luca Bianco, Conrad Bessant and myself have had our latest research paper accepted by the Journal of Proteome Research (JPR).  The work to appear soon shows the affects of different database designs on false positive rate using an automated data analysis pipeline.  To get a sneak preview click here. Gist of the work: Recently, standard MS/MS datasets have become available via public proteomic data repositories.  When such datasets are analysed by an automated  proteomic pipeline, the resulting protein identifications can…Continue Reading “We did it! Paper accepted by Journal of Proteome Research (JPR)”

New videos are now available on the MRMaid website, go to:  http://www.mrmaid.info and click the ‘video tutorials’ link. You can also find ‘captivate’ demos in the MRMaid help area, which lead you through the program step by step. These videos include a section on the MRM method, so even if you’re new to MRM or not sure if it is the technique you need, you can come to MRMaid for an introduction – then start using MRMaid as soon as you need to start designing…Continue Reading “Come fly with us! New MRMaid videos”

Following on from the Global Proteome Machine Database (GPMDB), GAPP now provides information on the number of hits the website receives.  Google Analytics summary reports (in pdf) are now published on the GAPP homepage.  Go to www.gapp.info and click the link in the bottom right corner. Look forward to seeing your visit on there soon!

Is proteomics a dirty word?  As a result of the down-sizing of proteomics research in industry many people have lost their jobs and morale is at an all-time low.  There are still huge barriers preventing proteomics delivering on its promises. The Fixing Proteomics Campaign (link here) has been set up to “solve the experimental challenges that stop proteomics delivering on its potential“.  It’s founded by Will Dracup, CEO of Nonlinear Dynamics (see Youtube Video here).  Of course, his business depends on the future of proteomics! …Continue Reading “Dad can I have a rabbit? (Fixing Proteomics Campaign)”

Last week saw successful delivery of the proteomic bioinformatics module on Cranfield University’s Masters course in Applied Bioinformatics.  The week included practical workshops and lectures, some of which were delivered by myself and Luca Bianco, but with several from external professionals including  Quotient BioResearch’s Chris Barton and Rich Kay who explained how they use proteomics to design new ways of detecting illegal doping in sport, and Phil Jones from the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) who spoke about the new proteomics data standards (mzML and analysisXML),…Continue Reading “Proteomic Bioinformatics Module”

The one day proteomics meeting was well attended (so well that they ran out of sandwiches!)  Interesting talks included Dr. Israel Gloger from GSK, Director of Discovery Technology.  He presented a large scale proteomics study that had been performed at GSK for Alzheimer’s disease biomarker discovery.  I’m assuming his data was from before 2006, when proteomics was down-sized by several big pharma organisations.  His talk demonstrated how much work is involved when you must quantitate several proteins of interest using ELISAs; if only MRM (and…Continue Reading “BSPR Meeting at Imperial College”

MRMaid paper in MCP Posted on Monday 17 November 2008 On 15th November 2008, the MRMaid paper was published online in the ‘papers in press’ section of MCP Journal’s website see: http://www.mcponline.org/papbyrecent.shtml. It is free to download now, and is scheduled to appear in the February 2009 edition of MCP. A big thank you goes to my supervisor, Conrad Bessant, and the paper co-authors Luca Bianco, Vanessa Ottone, Kathryn Lilley, Nick Bond, Rich Kay and Chris Barton. Good job guys, thank you so much! We…Continue Reading “Bioinformatics online is no more! New site!”