User Experience for Life Sciences (UX LS) is a community of UX practitioners focussed on enabling organisations to adopt UX principles and methods as they develop and deploy scientific software.  A Pistoia Alliance – EMBL-EBI joint workshop was held on 28-29 June, and built on the activities that have been underway since the inaugural User Experience for Life Sciences workshop, convened in September 2016 at the EBI. Championed by Till Dettmering of Leica, Joel Miller of Amgen, Pat Keller of Novartis and coordinated by the…Continue Reading “User Experience for Life Science Workshop 2017”

An event to form a new network of sketchnoters… Since World Sketchnote Day back in January, I have been busy thinking how we could establish a new community of graphic recorders and wannabe-graphic recorders on the Wellcome Genome Campus, including of course many of my colleagues at EMBL-EBI.  I plumped for a workshop to kick-off our efforts, and was not disappointed by the turnout (18 people).  I was impressed by the skills and ideas of those who attended, and learned a lot. An opportunity to practise the…Continue Reading “Get Creative with Sketchnoting – mini graphic recording workshop at EMBL-EBI”

I don’t ever need an excuse to post sketchnotes, but seeing as yesterday was officially World Sketchnote Day (#SNDay2017), I thought I would showcase some of my own favourite sketchnotes from 2016 and a few all-time faves, and also share info and links to some fellow sketchnoters’ work (Francis Rowland, Michele Ide-Smith, Chris Spalton and Eva-lotta Lamm) – see the end of this post.  But first a little report… Quick report on yesterday’s World Sketchnote Day event I co-organised a tea-time sketchnote showcase at EMBL-EBI,…Continue Reading “Celebrating World Sketchnote Day 2017”

world sketchnote day

Wednesday is World Sketchnote Day 2017!  As part of the celebrations I’ll be helping to host a sketchnoting event at EMBL-EBI.  Details are below and are also featured on the Sketchnote Army website, along with the other events happening all over the world. ——————————— Sketchnoting science at EMBL-EBI with Dr. Jenny Cham – Cambridge, UK Working in an international environment is an excellent experience, and comes with some built-in challenges – language, for one. Visual communication can make a big difference, and smooth the edges…Continue Reading “World Sketchnote Day 2017 – #SNDay2017”